Day 1: Flying high in the sky
Day 2: Gävle groove
Day 3: Picking blueberries and mushrooms
Day 4: Free time and Swedish water
Day 5: Flee markets, they’re everywhere
Impressions of a Swedish house and neighbourhood
Day 6: Hej da Gävle, Hej Kilafors
Day 7: Järvzoo jingle
Day 8: Fishing from land and boat
Day 9: Rowing the church boats
Day 10: To learn what we can ‘use from nature’
Day 11: The girl with the dragon tattoo
Day 12: Vinströmmarna wild life ,here we come
Day 13: Paddle, just paddle along the river
Day 14: Going on a bear safari
Day 15: After the bear safari
Day 16: Packing tents, a hot shower and a supermarket
Day 17: Photo shoot after dinner
Day 18: Off to the trainmuseum!
Day 19 & 20 : The End

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