Through the eye of the camera

During our trip in Malaysia, we ended up on the island of Mabul in some strange way. There we experienced life under water and the serenity of the sea. Not only did we experience the positive sides, we also experienced negative ones: sea pollution because of all the resorts/dive homes dumping their (human) wastes in the sea, plastic all over the island and the surrounding sea (island mentality: throw it in the sea so your eyes shant see). Last but not least, we experienced the Bajau people and the people of the sea: People without a country, no other home but the sea. No country will recognize them as their own. A tragedy for these people, this means no healthcare, no passport and no right to ‘legally’ set foot on land. Our inspiration for ‘Through the eye of the camera’ was a girl of the sea, striking us with her appearance and eyes. These kids live on the island or on their boats and ask for food, sweets or money. This girl was the leader of her ‘clan’, she ruled and she handed out their treasures evenly. We would like to SHARE our and other photo’s with you. To tell you their stories, our stories and just to share beautiful pictures we stumble upon.
We couldn’t choose, which one do you like most?

Girl of the sea, Mabul, Malaysia

Girl of the sea, Mabul, Malaysia

Girl of the sea, Mabul, Malaysia

Girl of the sea, Mabul, Malaysia

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