Meet us, Vincent and Johanna,

A not so common couple existing out of two persons, two persons who lived life separately but came to meet each other. In time they noticed that their thoughts as their ways of life were on the same level. At a young age they discovered that travelling really meant something to them, something they wanted to do. Therefore, they both stimulate each other to travel, to see and experience.

With this blog we would like to share our thoughts, ideas and a lot more. From the simple daily things to the biggest experiences in our lives. We’re not blogging only just to share, but also to keep track of what we do, to make a diary and to set out our goals.

We started university in September 2013, but we’re never done travelling! We’re trying to save money and do all the things we love while we’re back in the Netherlands. Vincent started his study Industrial Design at the Technical University in Delft and Johanna is sudying Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Utrecht, with a major in Sustainability and Developing Countries. Keep checking us out, we’re young, motivated and promising!


Name: Vincent Renon
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Origin: Half Indonesian, half Dutch
Living in: The Netherlands
Likes: Travelling, Breakdance, Sketching, Playing the piano and guitar, Cooking.

Name: Johanna Schijvenaars
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Origin: Half Filipino, half Dutch
Living in: The Netherlands
Likes: Travelling, To help with cooking (haha)…(or watch), Sketching, Learning to play the piano, Acting and all kinds of sports like running and dancing.

Vincent & Johanna

Vincent & Johanna


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  1. Hi guys, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 What a great blog you have going here! Well done! All the best, Irene


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