Visit our new website!

Dear followers,

First of all, thank you all for the love many of you have given us since we have started this blog. We have received so many nice comments and thoughts to share with each other. Even though we are both very busy with our own projects, mandatory papers, exams and more.. we still love to do this. It has always been a starting point to something greater, a point we have not reached yet. Anyway,  so you may have noticed that we have been inactive lately. We can explain, we swear! We have worked on a new website which will be launched tomorrow (you have no idea how big the smiles on our faces are).

For all e-mail followers, we are not able to transfer your e-mail addresses to the new website. We have only been able to do that with WordPress followers. So, if you want to keep following us. Subscribe again on our new website. The link will be sent to you tomorrow when its launched!

We truly hope you will follow us again and join us in the future roads to explore. Till next time!
P.s. here is a throwback photo.

– J&V

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