Palawan: Puerto Princesa

After our family adventure and history class in Bataan, we returned to Manila to get ready and move to Palawan. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways to move through the Philippines from one island to another is by plane. I am guessing that by boat is an option too, but due to a lack of environmental and travel knowledge back then we booked our flights in advance when still at home. Not that a boat is the solution, if only we had wings.. Oh and I (Johanna) get really really really really, really sick easily on a boat. So we said goodbye to Van and friends, and departed to Puerto Princesa; the capital of Palawan. A switch in tricycles!

Our friend Jasher has lived in Puerto Princesa and coincidentally was there at the same time we planned our trip. He took us in and picked us up at the airport. We are still very thankful for his time and showing us the place. The first thing we noticed was that the tricycles were different on this island. They were wider and even more ‘massive’ if that is the word to describe it. These were hectic weeks with traveling from here to there in such a short amount of time. We loaded our backpacks on a tricycle and Jasher brought us to this place called Itoy’s.

Puerto Princesa; Itoy'sThe interior is very cosy and there is a wall where all visitors can hang a drawing or message. The messages showed that many foreigners had visited this place already before us. We ordered some drinks -oh boy, delicious they were-  and I ordered a Cookies ‘nd Cream which is now my favorite of all times!
Puerto Princesa - Itoy's
Puerto Princesa - Itoy'sAfter hanging out for a bit we decided to check in a guest home near Jasher his house and rest for a while. Puerto Princesa really left this relaxing feeling even though it is so busy when compared to other places in Palawan. Is this the real island life? To be continued…

– Johanna

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