Moving in #12: DIY floating desk


All of us in this house are students and like a proper desk to do our stuff on. We have desks in our rooms, but it is also nice to work together or just next to each other in silence. A zen place to study together is important for us, so that is why we decided to build a floating desk with the length of 4 meters. We added a little hint of nature.
Curious? Here is how.

What do you need?

Parquet floor
Scaffold wood
Succulents (in Dutch: Vetplanten)
Potting soil
Clear coat (or varnish, whatever you like)
(Small) PVC pipes

A floating desk needs support because it does not have any pillars to hold it. The construction depends on where you want to build the desk. If the case is between two walls, you will need one or more beams between the walls for support.
Left wall = 1, Frontal wall = 2, Right wall = 3

Step 1: Build a construction with beams
Step 1.1: Attach a beam on the longest (2) (length-wise) wall. The PVC pipe will be attached to this later.
Moving in #12: DIY Floating DeskMoving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 1.2: Attach some sort of support for the desk on both right(3) and left(1) wall, as can be seen in the first photo. For the left wall we used our window-sill.
(Support depends on the length of your desired desk)
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 1.3: Attach three thick and short wooden beams beneath step 1.1 to support the PVC pipe and to attach the support beams on
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 1.4: Build two frontal support beams to hold the desk in its length.
Step 1.5: Attach the PVC pipe to the frontal support beams on forehand.
(or else you will be struggling with the angle and the drilling machine)
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 1.6: Attach PVC pipe + horizontal support beam to support beam 1 on the wall and under the short wooden beams (step 1.3). And attach to left and right support beams (step 1.2).
When in place, attach the PVC pipe on support beam 1 on the wall
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk

Step 1.7: Build vertical short cross beams for extra strength
(we used scaffold wood)

Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk

Step 2: Customize parquet and scaffold wood and cut into right/desired sizes.
Our desk is a puzzel-like, laminate construction with various long and short pieces.
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 3: Sandpaper scaffold wood and the parquet

Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 4: Place the parquet and attach to vertical cross beams from beneath with screws
Moving in #12: DIY Floating DeskMind details!
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 5: Place frontal scaffold wood to finish the desk
(we just glued the wood, to avoid ugly screws.. I guess?)
Moving in #12: DIY Floating Desk
Step 6: Put a couple of matte varnish layers on it to finish the look
Step 7: Put some sealant on the screws to prevent leakage from watering the plants
Step 8: Fill PVC pipe with potting soil and plants

And.. the end result!


p.s. the big gap is for our future movie-beamer theatre ha!

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