Moving in #9 – DIY: Kitchen #2 Dishwasher and interior

The big work isn’t done yet. The interior requires a lot of work too. But, personally I love decorating the kitchen and putting things into place. Especially here in our kitchen there are no limits!

First, Vincent and Peter installed abuilt-in dishwasher. Well… Improvised a built-in dishwasher.Β But hey, it totally worked out.

DIY: Kitchen dishwasher
A dishwasher needs water, I present you the connection, the bridge between water and dishwasher: a hose.

DIY: Kitchen dishwasher
I have no idea what the nice golden thing is called but I’m calling it a ‘splitter’, you’ll need it in order to tap the water.

DIY: Kitchen dishwasherThere you go! But before this tiny dishwasher could fit in.. Something had to be done.. Look closely and you’ll notice what we did to make it fit. Anyway. No biggie, Vincent to the rescue.

DIY: Kitchen interiorAnyway, I’ll just stick with the interior. We painted half our kitchen ”earth” green. It’s nice to have a little splash of color and this green fits a kitchen well in my opinion. Green, organic, food.

DIY: Kitchen interior

The onion and garlic holder was my little project and that corner isn’t finished yet. Stay tuned for a next DIY and how I made it.

DIY: Kitchen interiorThis cute little corner is perfect for products to grab while cooking or on the way of a fast to-go breakfast. The ideal corner for spices, coffee and oils. This was a Vincent-project. Again, stay tuned for another DIY made with left-over wood.Β Creative thinking?

DIY: Kitchen interior
We placed some vinyl on the wood for several reasons.
1. My mother does it too (is it something Asian?)
2. It protects the wood
3. It’s easier to clean
4. In some way I find the thought of placing my glasses and cups on vinyl better than on wood. Especially if they’re still a little moist from washing them.

DIY: Kitchen interior
I choose for simple IKEA storage jars because I dislike most food wrappings. Wrappings have different colors, textures and sizes. That would make your eyes scream for simplicity.

DIY: Interior kitchen

We still have some wrapping and stuff on the shelves. But we’re planning on making a little closet or crate to put in things that can’t be put in jars.
DIY: Kitchen interior

Stay tuned for more updates. We’re getting there.. step by step. Liking it more already? Rate us beneath and give us stars (yay!)

– Johanna

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