Moving in #5: DIY baseboard

Originally, we had bought varnish for our baseboard. But Vincent and I thought the varnish was too ”shiny” after all and it would break the floor and wall too much into two pieces. So we had two choices. (I) Keep it white, or, (II) Use pallet wood.
We chose for the second option! Here you go, a DIY baseboard with pallet wood.
DIY Pallet Baseboard

Step 1 
Dismantle the pallets (Tip: reuse the nails/screws if possible!)

Step 2
Sort out which ones you want to use and decide if you like the wood rough, a little bit ”dirty”, light et cetera
DIY Pallet Baseboard

Step 3
Use sandpaper to get rid of the rough surface and another pad to smoothen it out
DIY Pallet Baseboard

DIY Pallet Baseboard

Step 4
If necessary: pre-drill holes

Step 5
Take a moment to sit and puzzle with the wood. Check out which pieces you’d like next to each other, if you have enough wood or if you have to change the length

DIY Pallet Baseboard

Step 6
Double check and if you’re 100% sure, drill in those screws!

DIY Pallet Baseboard

And tadaa! The result. We sure like it, do you? If you do, rate this post by giving us stars under this post (:

DIY Pallet Baseboard DIY Pallet Baseboard

– Johanna

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