Magnetic Wallpaper by Groovy Magnets

Groovy Magnets is a Belgian brand that has developed a new wallpaper as alternative for the all known magnetic board; Magnetic Wallpaper. 

Groovy Magnet

The wallpaper is available in three different types:

Chalkboard Wallpaper
€ 99 per roll (265cm x 127cm)
€ 49,50 per roll (265cm x 63,5cm)
€ 35 per roll (100 x 127cm)

Printed Wallpaper
€ 75 (265cm x 63,5cm) (incl. magnet set)
€ 115 (265cm x 127cm) (incl. magnet set)

Paintable Wallpaper
€ 49,50 per roll (265cm x 63,5cm)

The alternative for classic magnetic board contains iron particles on a vinyl basis which makes it responsive to magnets. It comes with a special feature though: it’s washable! Groovy Magnet does sell accessories to personalize your wall. It looks really nice, now lets hope the process of making it isn’t too unsustainable.
Keep that in mind! But still.. looks

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