Awesome Thai (life-insurance) commercial

Awesome Thai (life-insurance) commercial
Although this video is a commercial for life insurance, it still has a universal message to tell you beyond life insurances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or not, if the companyΒ doesn’t really think like this or not. It matters what you make of it and in what context you place it. You need to take the good things out of the video and make it your own, like with all other things in life.

This video is about a character doing the same good deeds everyday, making lives of others a little bit better while he could make his own better. Bystanders at first don’t seem to understand why he’s doing this everyday, until the good deeds turn into something bigger.

Witnessing happiness is to me – Johanna – one of the greatest things in the world. Something I like to do and watch every day. Have some more faith, and make this world a little more awesome! Need some uplifting? Be sure to watch this video.

p.s. This video could be put in a context as if Thai people do not understand good deeds. Dude, that’sΒ generalizing.. remember.. ‘ it matters what you make of it’

– Johanna

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