Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

Glossybox has been taken over by WAATbox and now goes through life named ‘Prettybox’. Glossbox hasn’t been doing well the past few months and I decided not to cancel my subscription since it was only for 1 more box/month. So I was surprised when I heard of the new concept ‘Prettybox’. My hopes even went up when Prettybox promised more ‘high-end’ products such as Clinique and OPI. So this is how the box looks like…

First Impressions
The size of the box seems smaller than the Glossybox-size en they do use less packaging for delivery (a plus and green!).

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

When opening the box, two pink cards welcome you to Prettybox.
One explains the transition from Glossybox to Pretty box and the other one is an enthusiastic welcome note telling you that there are 6 full-size products in the box. Wow. 6 Full-size products? I think my heart skipped a beat.

I quickly turned the note and saw the summary of products present in the box. My eyes scanned it very carefully and my first glances were names as Calvin Klein, Maybelline, Blond Amsterdam and Revlon:

Calvin Klein – Tempting Glimmer Sheer Cream Eyeshadow / Fullsize: €15,00
 Color Sensational Lip-stain / Fullsize:  €10,95
Blond Amsterdam
 Body Mist / Fullsize:  €12,95 – 250ml
– Mineral Matte Brush / Fullsize: €11,95
 Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel / Fullsize: €9,99 – 14,7ml
Hawaiian Gold
 Orange Facial Treatment / Fullsize: €1,99

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

Prettybox different from Glossybox
So I already mentioned the size of the box, but there are also some other small details that are different such as a different color of the ribbon and filling. Next to that, you can’t order a monthly box anymore; only 3, 6 and 12 months subscriptions are available. AND another bigger difference is that Glossybox contained different sets of products per person. Prettybox has a steady line per box, but just with different colors. In one way that’s a plus. Now people can’t complain they didn’t get something. So the complaint bar has been minimized to ‘Oh I didn’t get the color I wanted’.

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014

Unboxing: Prettybox March 2014


The truth
So this seems like a pretty sweet deal, 6 full-size products with a value of € 62,83…. Or not? This new concept ‘Prettybox’ is actually flashing us all. Other bloggers, like beautycloud.nl, coincidentally found out that these products are on sale in ‘low end’ shops.

Prettybox flashing us - Image from Beautycloud

Prettybox flashing us – Image from Beautycloud

Concluding, these items don’t have that high of a value and are from old collections (which aren’t being sold anymore, except for drugstore sale prices). That’s why they’ re so cheap. It is highly unacceptable to promise products from brands like Clinique and advertise this first box as a high valued and special one, when its just old products. I mean, it’s not bad to use cheaper make up, I just think its wrong to sketch a certain picture and raise high expectations and spit in the faces of the customers. This is just another example of mass production economy wanting more money for less service and less quality.

This concept of using older beauty products isn’t a bad one, it’s actually a pretty good idea to prevent unnecessary waste of products if they’re are still usable. It’s just wrong to advertise like that and it would be better to be honest and actually make a different concept of it.

This is a sign for me to definitely not extend my subscription. I, and many others I guess, would rather spend my money on a good lipstick worth of € 20 and use it often instead of spending it to a box with sale products from old collections. I think i’ll keep my money, spending it on a ‘greener transition’ (natural, sustainable products) or on some product I could actually use for a long time. I’m still a student with cravings.

– Johanna

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