Photo of the week 12

The story behind the fraction of that shot
This claustrofobic feeling of stone walls closing you in, this paranoid feeling caught us when we pushed our bodies through a small opening. A new world opened for us. A world not so new at all with soil older than the trees outside its being. Take a deep breath. Suddenly the paranoid and darkness turned into excitement, a youthful feeling and the want of adventure. This is the epic cave conections hike between Lumiang and Sumaging cave. Your guide and a kerosene lamp will be your best friend for 3-4 hours. 5 persons and 1 lamp walking through the habitat of thousands of bats. Fresh and cold water running through the cave. There’s nothing else but silence and bat poop.

Sagada, Philippines

Lumiang - Sumaging cave, Sagada, Philippines

Lumiang – Sumaging cave, Sagada, Philippines

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