Baguio’s Night market

Baguio city is well known as the summer capital in the Philippines, but it’s also perfect for some shopping. Baguio’s night market can be found on a portion of Harrison road, which is closed to traffic so vendors can sell their products. The night market opens at around 9 and stays running until the number of visitors start to shrink (midnight).

Some Filipinos call this market an ‘ukay-ukay’ market, which can be literally translated as ‘scramble-scramble’. It’s something like a flee-market where you can find used clothing; jackets, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, dresses, trenchcoats and loads more where you scramble through. There’s a wide variety of items that can be found next to used clothing, such as shoes, electronics, food, toys and souvenirs. There is a good chance you’ll find that designer or handmade item for a good price after haggling. Local artists could also be selling some of their work for a fair price. Overall, this market is not really a good representation for the traditional Baguio-items. But on the other hand, this market is perfect for those best-bargain-looking shoppers. You can go nuts and haggle your way out here!

Fishwallet from the Baguio night market

Fishwallet from the Baguio night market

What did we buy?
Vincent was looking for shoes endlessly, but we couldn’t find nice ones for him. We did find some neat ones for me; desert boots clark-look-a-likes. The vendor was asking for 450 Pesos which is around 7 Euros, but our local friend Leo knows his haggling and managed to get 100 Pesos off! So P350 is around €5,66, not that bad for real leather right? (Thanks again Leo!) So what do you think of my shoes? We didn’t buy much next to the shoes, just some souvenirs; four necklaces (P50/€0,81),  a fishwallet (P50/€0,81) and four bracelets (P25/€0,40).

Shoes from the Baguio night market

Shoes from the Baguio night market

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring our camera because we didn’t want to be ‘shiny’. After all, it’s a night market and they always have shady persons (oh the distrust) and we kind of forgot to bring it. After our fair share of the ukay ukay experience, we decided to get back to the place where we were staying. Our next stop was going to be: Sagada. Early. Very Early.

Shoes from the Baguio night market

Shoes from the Baguio night market

Tips for a succesfull ukay ukay experience
Bring cash! Credit + other cards are not accepted
2. Bring a friendly re-usable bag
3. Keep your bag close
(3.1 watch out for pickpockets)
4. Check EVERY item if it’s damaged, stained or broken
(4.1 Haggle!)
5. Wear the right comfy shopping outfit

– Johanna

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