Manila: Arrived and shocked

A 4 hour flight passed by in a minute. Finally, we arrived in Manila after all the hassle and a delay of 1,5 hour. The first question that a Filipino asked us if we we’re married, ‘haha not yet ma’m!’ Because of our delay, we arrived a little later than we had planned. It was already past midnight but as faithful as Jasher and Van were (Van his friend and Johanna’s cousin) they were waiting for us at the arrivals. For Johanna it was pleasant to see her cousin again and it was nice to meet Jasher.
After a short taxi ride to the area Pasay in Manila. We had no idea what to expect, we hadn’t really planned to stay at a place but Van had it all figured out. We arrived at this kick ass condo from a friend of Van & Jasher, Ressa. The condo was near MOA (mall of asia) and filled with more of their friends and they welcomed us. Even though it was already after midnight, the group decided to go out for dinner/breakfast/dinfast at the fort. The fort is kind of an area for going out with clubs and cute restaurants etc. It wasn’t a long taxi ride from the condo to the fort, but beware: taxi’s are expensive in Manila. Well, more expensive in comparison to the other parts of the Philippines. You could also choose to ride a jeepney (popular public transportation in the Philippines, originally made from old US military jeeps left over from WO II). But this is very exhausting if you’re not familiar with the routes and the ways. Besides, it was already late. There was one thing that ‘shocked’ us though. The people walking around! Girls were wearing dresses and heels, everyone seemed like they were born on a catwalk. It was so different from Kuala Lumpur, where a lot of people are very religious (Indian, muslim etc.). That certainly woke us up.

Our ‘dinfast’ was at Early Bird, located at the fort. Unfortunately we didn’t bring our camera, so we have no photo’s really. We do want to show you how it looked like though, so we did the work for you and googled some images πŸ™‚

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And some cell phone pictures

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If you ever, ever, ever plan to be in the neighborhood of the fort…You should certainly visit it! A great place to go out or have dinner. It is filled with fancy people though (especially we were fancy, in our airplane outfits) and we did spot some Philippine celebrities a few tables away from us. The reason for that could have been that it was Saturday, but the real answer is up to you.

Vincent & Johanna

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  1. I was in that area earlier this year, it was really nice to see many local and international restaurants there. I need to try that breakfast place out next time!


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