First week of travelling: Kuala Lumpur 3

A little too long, a little too tired. We woke up later than we had planned. Yes, we forgot to set an alarm. Oh well, no worries. While we were eating our self-bought cornflakes with milk (The Reggae Guesthouse staff was nice enough to let us store the milk in their fridge) we checked couchsurfing to check if someone replied to our CS request to join us to the Batu Caves. A local responded and he wanted to come with us, unfortunately we (and he) woke up late. After back and forth messaging, we decided to meet up after our Batu Caves trip.

How to get to the Batu Caves (from Chinatown / Reggae Guesthouse)



Take the KTM-train that departs from the old train station, next to metro station Pasar Seni. You can buy a train ticket to the Batu Caves for RM 1 / 0,23 EUR per person. The ride will take up 20-30 minutes of your time, plus a 3 minute walk to the area where the Batu Caves are. It’s pretty easy to find as it’s next to the train station.

When you walk towards the Batu Caves, the first thing you will see is a big aqua blue statue, a beautiful background and a lot of monkeys! Before you reach the Batu Caves, you need to pass a temple, some little fountains, a small waterfall and some souvenir shops. After the short walk you will see the big golden statue in front of the 200-something stair you need to climb to enter the caves. You don’t need to pay an entrance fee, only if you want to do the tour through the other side of the cave. We met a girl who did the tour and she said that it was fun but not a must, you can enter a free area of the cave which is already impressive.

inside the Batu Caves

inside the Batu Caves

P.S. It was not busy at ALL. We’re not sure if it’s because of the low-season or because we went on a weekday. If you ever plan to go, try to go on weekdays because we figured local tourists will probably go in the weekends.Oh and did we already mention that it’s free to enter!? (Backpacker budget friendly!)

Bukit Bintang 
(and how to get there from Chinatown)

Now on our way to meet couchsurfer David in Bukit Bintang. After we arrived at the old train station we went from Pasar Seni metro station to KL sentral (RM 2 / 0,46 EUR p.p.). After that we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang (RM 2.40 / 0,55 EUR p.p.).

bukit bintang

bukit bintang

We went to Al-Amar express (a cute little cafe/restaurant in the middle of the shopping street, next to all the malls) where David waited for us. We drank an ice coffee (RM 10,90 / 2,52 EUR) and an ice lemon tea (RM 10 / 2,31 EUR) while we got to know each other.

Bukit Bintang is the place to be for the mall-freak. Malls are just a few meters away from each other and from the monorail station. Here you will find the designer stores as well as the cheaper brands. But we didn’t stay long enough to discover what’s more.

Jalan Alor (Street-Food)
Jalan Alor a long street in Bukit Bintang where you can eat street food. The street offers a wide variety of food, from Thai, Vietnamese to Chinese etc. The only thing is, according to David – he is a food researcher – that the people who prepare the Thai (or whatever) food aren’t really Thai. So it’s not as good as it could be.
We ordered 3 kinds of mie and it costed us about RM 8 / 1,85 EUR per dish. After our meal we were offered a ride by David to our guesthouse. There we roamed through Chinatown and chatted some more at the bar until David went home.

Vincent & Johanna


* Note: all the prizes are according to the exchange rate at the time of travelling

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