What makes you sparkle? – Isn’t life as ordinary as you want life to feel?

From my notebook

“… Today isn’t really about valentines day, it’s about something I truly realized today. I pretty much realized that all I see, all my experiences are big gifts. This ‘gap year’ I’m having is giving me so much to learn from. To learn, to enjoy.

It takes a simple couple, married for 52 years, to make me smile and enjoy life with its roads. There are so many people out there and they all have different stories.
And I love to listen to those stories.

How they’re made.
How life made them.
How they made life.
What in life, their lives, makes them sparkle while they talk about it?
What makes you sparkle?

I never wanted an ordinary ‘normal’ life. But what is an ordinary life?

Isn’t life as ordinary as you want life to feel?
It perfectly fits my thoughts.

– Johanna

p.s. No love – real love – is ordinary

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