Walking through Ripa

August 15 – Our first real day in Italy. We stayed at the house of a friend of Vincent his father, in Ripabottoni, Molice, south of Italy. With not a lot of money in our pocket we agreed to work around the house to finance our stay. After all, the house was a ruin being renovated. The house itself turned out beautiful  but the garden was not finished yet.

House Ripabottoni

House Ripabottoni

Walking through Ripabottoni

Walking through Ripabottoni

As there were only 2 bedrooms, but 2 living rooms though, we had to sleep in the backyard. In a tent. A stinky, 50 year old tent. Normally, we aren’t that negative about things. But really, you should have smelled the tent. Especially in the heat.

Before we even could set up the tent, we had to remove all unwanted plants, glass and tree roots.It took us a few hours to reshape the ground and set up the tent. It was very exhausting, especially in the heat.



Ripabottoni is a small village in the province Molice. We later found out that the province ‘doesn’t exist’ in Italy. Nothing ever happens there..We wanted to some some groceries at 2 of the only shops in the village, but they were closed. It was a special day in Ripa, at least that’s  what we’ve heard.

That’s it for the day, we just walked through the village. Enjoyed our view on a bench, just like the old Italian men do.

Walking through Ripabottoni

Walking through Ripabottoni

– Johanna & Vincent

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