Something to share, Project: ShoeBox

Could you ever imagine that you never had a single gift in your entire life?

Well, this happens daily to a number of kids that you can’t imagine. Kids that don’t even have pen and paper, kids that can’t brush their teeth, kids…that can’t…and so on…

In our younger years when we were still in elementary school we had these projects once a year. The project was about filling and decorating a shoe box, sent to kids all over the world that never had a gift before.

So along the years, we forgot about this, but a few weeks ago Johanna noticed a article in our local newspaper about that same project. It turned out that it was not a must to be in elementary school for entering. After imagining how happy we would be with a gift we decided to make one ourselves.

This was the content of our shoebox for a girl between 10-14:
– hair pins
– bracelets
– toothpaste and a toothbrush
– slippers
– a towel
– lots of stuffed animals
– some toys
– sunglasses
– school supplies
– T-shirt

Stuff inside

After wrapping everything up we went our way to the collecting point. Here we discovered a huge amount of other shoeboxes. This made us feel a little more useful.

collecting point

We hope that we made you wonder about doing this yourself. You can search about projects like this in your area or maybe start one yourself! The only thing you have to do is, make some time, search for some stuff and pay something like 5 euro for shipping-costs.

A small action that creates lots of happiness


Don’t be afraid to share some of your wealth

 Johanna & Vincent 

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