Photo shoot after dinner

August 9 – It was now just a matter of time, we headed towards the end of this trip. With no more activities planned for the following days we got bored after a while. Of course all the people were great, but after a while you want something to do. Some new action, you know. By now we’ve had tons of swimming trips and trips in the canoe. Even if it was cold we still went in the water.
This day wasn’t that interesting. We got pretty bored so some of the girls decided to have some girl time. You know, make-up and dresses. So some of us showed up really dressed up at dinner. We even got an applause hahaha..

With Carl:)

The sun started to set and it was the perfect time for photos. A small photo shoot started with Katarina and me, when suddenly everybody was all dressed up and everyone was taking pictures of everyone. It ended as a fun night and afterwards we went to the attic to listen to ridiculously loud music.

They call me toughhhh

Oh the drama!

That’s all
– Johanna

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