GoPro movie: The seven roads to the Tree of Life?


A few minutes ago we signed up for a GoPro contest. It’s about winning $10.000 dollar , 2 GoPro cameras and some other stuff. They want you to send in what you would do with all of this. Next up, the idea we had worked out in exactly 100 words, because that was the limit…  ):

‘The seven roads to the Tree of Life’ a movie about the roads Johanna and I will walk in different countries. Seven because of our life quote “Go Be Share Smile Feel Love Do”. We would travel as cheap as possible to save money, invest in others to have and give experiences to whom that can’t afford it. DO 1 extreme thing in each area. SHARE and learn from cultures, SMILE for happiness. FEEL for what you live and LOVE what this world offers. BE GOpro: nothing will stop us; a film through Air, Sea, Land. Simply through every element. 

Now we have to pray until the 9th of November. That’s the date they will announce the winner.

Hoping, wishing, waiting (:


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