Free time and Swedish water

July 27 – Free time for us! A day to the center of Gävle to do whatever we wanted. So Katarina and I went shopping like girls do and we found this funny little deco shop. This shop was full of funny retro stuff, the past-comeback!

'Inside me there is a thin woman screaming to get out... I can usually keep the bitch quiet with chocolate!'

‘Inside me there is a thin woman screaming to get out…
I can usually keep the bitch quiet with chocolate!’

'We don't make mistakes. We do variations'

‘We don’t make mistakes. We do variations’

From L-R: coaster, mugs, ‘piggy’ bank and a travel proof coffee glass!

In the afternoon we went to the water to take a swim and to have a fika. We were very hesitant to go in the water. It was too cold, but our host parents really wanted us to get in the dark black water. So we went in and yes, as we expected, it was COLD. But after a while it was okay. Just…. keep moving.


Some places (lakes etc.) in Sweden have very dark water. It’s not because it’s dirty, it’s because of the soil. Actually, the (lake) water in Sweden is really clean and you can almost drink it everywhere.

The river rushing by

Katarina & our hostfamily with their grandson – Say cheese!

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