July 25 – Rise and shine at 7 for a trip to Stockholm!
Joel was going to Barcelona with his friends so he was supposed to accompany us till 2 and then leave to the airport with his friends.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Stockholm, after 1,5 hour with the train from Gävle, was………coffee. Surprisingly!

This city is amazing! Seriously, Stockholm is surrounded with water and is full of beautifull buildings. This city is built on 14 islands and these islands are all connected by bridges.You can walk through Stockholm by foot or you can take a boat. There really is a lot to see in this green city. Stockholm has a long history and offers a lot of museums and attractions to visit. Besides that, Stockholm also offers a lot of malls and shopping streets. These streets can be filled with the large companies like ZARA , but some streets are full of little original shops. The street I really liked was Götgatan, soo… I would recommend to stop by Götgatan!

– Johanna

Stockholm streetview

Stockholm streetview

Pretty, pretty buildings, buildings, fountains and fountains


Gamla stan, a large and well preserved medieval city center

Spilling latte macchiato..

Stockholm greenery

4 Reacties op “STOCKHOLM

    • Well thank you! 🙂
      Yes it’s beautiful! Swedish people are generally really nice, always happy and greeting each other. It’s less like that in Stockholm because it’s a ‘bigger city’ of course, but still nice!


      • I would expect that they would be reserved people! but , I’m glad to hear that they are happy and open:)
        Are they open to other people of different cultures than their own?


      • Yea, of course it depends on the type o person. Let’s say they’re happy, open but a lot mind their own business :).

        Yes a lot of people are very open! But a Swedish girl told me that there is some racism going on in Sweden. But I think it’s more for ‘poorer’ foreigners that are looking for a job. Still.. That’s a bad thing.


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