Stuck…mmm trying to get back home

This evening Johanna gave her presentation about her trip to Sweden. But we didn’t know where the location was. Johanna sent lots of e-mails, but nobody answered them. So she e-mailed another girl that was coming too.
5.15 She got a message that the presentation was at 6.30 but we had to be there at 6.00

So the presentation was in a place called Bosschenhoofd, 8 km from where we live and…. We had no car!

Johanna called our friend Sam and he picked us up at our houses and he dropped us off! Thanks again!!

We thanked Sam and Johanna gave him a necklace from the Philippines that she forgot to give, 6 months ago!

After the presentation, we had this problem.. We still didn’t have a car.

So we ‘practiced’ for our future travels and tried to get a ride.

Eerhmm.. So it didn’t really work out. But then again we’re in The Netherlands ánd in a village. People usually don’t do things like this.
After an hour we called my dad…… And he finally picked us up!

– Vincent & Johanna


A ride home please?


Johanna at Lions meeting

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