Gävle groove

July 23 – Our host parents definitely liked getting up early and we had to get up at 9. Katarina and I ate a typical Swedish breakfast.
Knäckebrod with kaviar and other things like cheese. I had this… errhm promise. A promise from me to me. I was going to eat healthy the whole trip. A good thing that my host parents really liked pure food. Berries and plants from the woods (not that hard to find in Sweden).
So besides the knäckebrod, I ate yogurt with fruits, raisins and dried dades. (veerry interesting)

After our breakfast we went for a city tour by foot with Joel & Erik as tourguides. Gävle has some old parts with old houses and really modern and new buildings.
They told us about the history of Gävle and after a long walk we went to Erik his house to eat his carrotcake (delicious!!). Then we went home after a full day of walking, now it was time for relaxing, exploring the house some more and dinner.

Yes, i like food.

– Johanna


Gävle streetview


Gävle groove

Surgery on a wooden piano

Instrument wall

Old Swedish houses

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